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January Blues

I hate January.  Christmas and New Year’s is over, and so are the parties and family events.  I no longer give myself excuses to eat unhealthy (but so delicious) foods, and we’re back on a budget.  January is blah.  It’s dreary.  It’s long.  It’s cold.  And with the exception of my beautiful sister’s birthday (and it’s the last day of the month so, really, it could be counted as a February event), there is nothing to look forward to.

With that in mind, and the knowledge that I am subject to getting the January blues, I decided to start a thankfulness journal.  Every day, I write one thing I’m thankful for that day.  It can be big stuff or little stuff, but it must be specific to me – not something vague like “life” or “the air I breathe”.  My intention is to do this every January, so I’m leaving room under each day’s thankfulness log for next year’s log.  Then, I can look back on what I was thankful for exactly one year (or hopefully more) ago.

Yesterday, I was thankful for one last day of winter break.  A chance to be with my family before everyone went back to school and work.  One more day of not running a taxi service.

Today, I’m thankful for my new Converse shoes.  Shallow, right?  But I am. They made school drop-off, grocery shopping, laundry, and getting back into the daily grind a little more tolerable.

What about you?  How do you combat January’s blahness? grateful

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