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Hosting on the Go – Hot Drink Bar to Go

We have friends that moved over the weekend.  Well, seeing as how we live in the Midwest, February decided to leave like a lion.  So, we had snow.  Although it made it a little inconvenient, it also made it pretty.  There is something magical about a neighborhood or a yard or a house in a soft, white blanket.  I knew it was going to be cold, so I asked if I could be in charge of providing hot drinks for everyone.  I also wanted to make it as convenient to transport as possible.  I decided on hot coffee and hot cider.  I always like to have options with drinks, so I came up with a few things you could add to these delicious choices.  I started with coffee.  The obvious choice to go with coffee is cream and sugar.  I chose sweet cream, since it’s basic and yummy.

Cream and Sugar and Spices
I then made my recipe for hot apple cider.  I let it warm in the slow cooker overnight and it turned out great!  For yummy little embellishments I included cinnamon sticks, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves.

Cinnamon Sticks

To keep everything warm, I put them in vintage thermos’ which I happen to collect.  I normally don’t do disposable cups, but for this purpose I did.  I included: cups with lids, a sharpie to write names on cups, napkins, hand sanitizer, and all of the stuff mentioned above.  I put everything in my easy-to-carry plastic Coca Cola crate and it turned out to be super convenient and added a little fun to the whole process.

Hot drink bar to goSpoons and marker

Here is a picture from their front door as the snow began to accumulate.

Friends Move

We made it home safe and sound and here is a picture of our backyard.

Back yard 2

A warm congrats to our friends from our old, country, farm house to your new, lovely home.  We wish you many years of happiness and wonderful memories.  We will always remember moving you in the cozy, wintery snow of a Midwest February.

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What is Your Address?

What is your address? What is your phone number? These seem like easy enough questions right? Can your child answer them? I have been surprised when I am out with other moms how many are impressed that my daughter (who turned 3 this summer)knows her address and my cell phone number. Many have told me they never thought to teach their child this important information. This information along with your full name (mommy isn’t going to help you much)is VERY important if you and your child would ever become separated. Your child knowing this information could drastically cut down on the time that you are apart. They could tell whoever is helping them your contact information and you could be notified right away where they were.

Stay Safe!

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Welcome to The Crazy Hat Box Blog!

Welcome to our blog site! The Crazy Hat Box is a site about the many crazy hats we wear! You’ll see blogs about throwing parties (The Party Hat), gardening (The Sun Hat), cooking (The Chef’s Hat), DIY projects (The Hard Hat), and a lot more! We’re so excited to start this new journey!

To see a listing of our hats, go to the Our Hats page.

Thanks for joining us!



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