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Easy Slow Cooker Hot Apple Cider

on October 10, 2014

This is the cheaters way to make cider.  I would love to say I juiced apples and made if from scratch, but I didn’t.  I think this recipe is pretty delicious on a cool fall day though.

Cider 3

What you’ll need:

Your choice of apple cider.

1 apple (any kind will do)

Cinnamon.  I highly recommend cinnamon sticks, but I didn’t have any on hand so I used ground cinnamon.

A pinch of nutmeg.

A pinch of ground cloves.


Pour apple cider into your slow cooker.

Cut up the apple and dump in.  I use the core too, but I take the seeds out so no one chokes on one.

Cider 1

Sprinkle ground cinnamon to taste.  I use a generous helping because I love cinnamon.

A shake or two of the nutmeg and cloves (a little goes a long way with these 2 spices).

Cider 4

Turn the slow cooker on high if you only have a couple of hours before serving or low if you have longer.  Stir occasionally.

It would be delicious with some orange zest in it.  It makes the house smell great too!

Good to the last drop!

Good to the last drop!



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