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Not Your Ordinary Shelving Unit

on October 7, 2014

Recently, I bought a used shelving unit with the purpose of using it as a sort of office space in the basement.  Our space is limited, and this fit the bill for taking up little floor space while holding my office supplies.  And the adjustable shelves made it even more useful.

The shelf unit was in okay shape, but was just kind of blah.  It was just black with some nicks and scratches from use.


I had some paint left over from other projects, so I decided a shelf remodel was in order!  First, I put newspaper over the back and spray-painted the inside panels aqua.


Then, I painted the outside panels with chalkboard paint so I could use that space to write reminders or inspirational sayings.


Finally, I painted the inside backing a wine red.  When it was dry, I moved it into the basement and filled it with all my office supplies!  I love the way this turned and ordinary shelving unit into a custom work.  It’s so much more fun to look at!


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