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Countdown to Thanksgiving – 4 Days left!

Continuing our countdown to Thanksgiving, here’s a post about a food we feel obligated to have on our Thanksgiving table…

 Cranberries and Thanksgiving

Cranberries.  It’s the food we feel that we have to serve at Thanksgiving, but is anyone sure why?  It’s the only time I ever eat cranberry sauce, and I don’t even enjoy it – I eat it out of obligation.  So, before you open that can of jellied cranberry sauce, here are a few alternatives to incorporating cranberries into your Thanksgiving meal.

Cranberry Dip – What a great hors d’oeuvre!  And everything tastes better with cream cheese!

Cranberry Apple Sauce – A great idea, especially if you prefer to mute the tangy cranberry taste.  An added benefit is that this is made in the slow cooker, and you can even make it a few days in advance.  One less thing to worry about on the big day!

Cranberry Muffins – This recipe could be a sub for both cranberry sauce and rolls.  Brilliant!

Cranberry Cake – Want to incorporate cranberries into dessert instead of the main meal?  This is your recipe!  This is a great addition to the traditional pie, too.

Cranberry Mojitos – This festive drink is perfect for Thanksgiving.  And if you’re feeling a little stressed, this can also probably help.

Of course, if you’re stuck on having cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, here’s a simple recipe that has just three ingredients – Cranberry Sauce

Want more ideas for Thanksgiving?  Check out our Pinterest Board, The Pilgrim’s Hat!



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