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on July 5, 2014

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To celebrate the Fourth of July we would all gather at my grandparents house on the lake. We would barbecue and eat outside on their deck. We would take turns playing yard games in their large shady backyard. We would swim in the lake and float on rafts. Just enjoying the summer sun! When it would get darker out we would shoot off some fireworks. Smoke bombs, sparklers, and snakes were some of my favorites. All of us would watch amazed as one of my grandparent’s neighbors would hang this huge rope full of lady fingers up into the tree and light the bottom. The firecrackers would light off of each other and run up the rope igniting a a chain of booms and pops. When nighttime started to set in we would all get on my grandparents boat and ride it out to the perfect place to watch the professional fireworks. I loved watching the fire works from the boat!

The last three Fourth of July’s have been different since my grandpa passed away and my grandma sold their house. The Fourth of July is one of the days I miss my grandpa the most. We are building new family traditions. We watch the parade that our city puts on and get together with family and friends. We find somewhere to watch fireworks and of course we still have to shoot off some snakes! 

What traditions do you and your family have for America’s birthday?

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