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Custom Blinds

on September 19, 2014

I hate mini-blinds.  Not the way they look necessarily.  Trying to keep them clean.  We don’t buy the expensive kind, so maybe those are easier to clean.  I don’t know.  But the inexpensive kind are NOT easy to clean.  My mom had a great idea.  Why not buy the pull down kind and cover them with fabric ourselves?  Why not, I said.  So, we picked a day, did a little shopping, and did it.

What you need

Pull down blind.

Material.  I bought 4 yards, which was just enough for 2 blinds with none left over.  But, our house has huge windows.

Measuring tape.

Pen or pencil.

Spray adhesive.  I used this.  I liked it a lot because it gives you time to reposition even after it’s sprayed.  It also sprays on white, but dries clear.  Since we were using a white blind, that didn’t really matter, but it could come in handy for other projects.

An outdoor table that you can get the adhesive on.

An iron and a table big enough to iron the material on.

A sharp pair of scissors.

A second person (I HIGHLY recommend this).

Custom shades 5 Custom Shades 1


Measure your window.  Then roll out the blind and mark how far up you need the material to go.

Custom shades 3 Custom Shades 2

Next, will want to measure your material and cut it to size.  Then, iron it.

Custom shades 8

Next take your material, blind, and spray adhesive outside.

Roll out the blind and lay it on a large, clean, dry surface.

Custom shades 6

Next, spray on a generous amount of the adhesive.  We started from the top and laid the material down, pressing down and pushing out any wrinkles.  This took a while and we had to reposition it several times.  We also had to re-spray some of the edges.

Once we were done with the first one, we took a break and let that dry for a while.

Custom shades 7

Then, we did the second one the exact same way.

We took them both inside and hung them up by following the instructions that came with the blinds.

Custom shades 9

Here is the finished product.  This is not complicated, but it is time consuming.  Plan on it taking a while and recruit help!  It was worth it though.


One response to “Custom Blinds

  1. hallie says:

    What a great idea!!

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