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Wheel of Breakfast

on January 7, 2015

Every year, I make the same short-term resolution (in addition to losing the holiday weight) – to get organized in January.  With all the Christmas decorations (a.k.a., Christmas clutter) taken down, and new stuff acquired not having a place, I feel the need to purge and organize.  This year, the first thing I tackled was the kitchen.

I have a pantry cabinet.  It’s very deep, so it holds a decent amount, but since it is so deep, you have to take everything out to get to things in the back.  It’s really annoying, especially in the morning when all you want is to have some oatmeal for breakfast.  So, I invested in a few turntables.  I was surprised that you can get them in all kinds of sizes, and they’re relatively inexpensive.  Here are the results:

Wheel of Breakfast!

The first shelf to get organized was the breakfast shelf.  No more pulling cereal boxes out to get to the oatmeal; just spin the turntable!  (My husband is the one who started calling it the “wheel of breakfast”.)


Carousel of Cans

Next was the canned goods and beverages shelf.  Again – so much easier to get to things and to see what I have on hand!



Finally, the snack shelf.  The kids had trouble pulling containers out to get to the snacks at the back, and they didn’t ever know what we had on hand, so this makes it much easier. This is actually in another cabinet, which is a little smaller than my pantry shelves, so this one was a 16-inch turntable, where the others were 18-inch turntables.


These have worked out so well.  Whenever I look for ways to organize, I look for ways that are easy to keep up with, and these do the trick!

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