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Footprint Butterfly Flowerpots

on June 11, 2014

I love Pinterest! There are all kinds of neat projects and organization ideas that I would love to try and make for myself. A little before mother’s day I found a pin that I thought would make a great gift idea for the moms and grandmas in my life. It is the butterfly flower pot pin. This seems to be a pretty popular pin. I did some looking around to see where the idea came from. I think that Carol’s Classic Gifts and Décor’s had the original idea and posted it on their Facebook page. There is a chance that this is wrong and if that is the case please let us at The Crazy Hat Box know.

Here is a photo of what I got started with. A flower pot, some washable paint, paint brushes and a foot.

photo 1


I took one of my daughter’s shoes with me when I was shopping for the flower pots to make sure that I bought one that was large enough for her foot print to fit on. I let her pick out the three colors that she wanted to paint on her foot. She picked purple, red, and blue. I painted her foot while my husband held her foot so that she didn’t get the paint everywhere. Next her foot was pressed against the flower pot.

photo 2photo 3

We made several of these pots so we did all the footprints from one foot on all the pots before moving to the other foot. When we had my daughter’s foot prints finished we moved to my son. We chose two colors for him since his foot is so tiny. We repeated the same process with his footprints.

photo 4

Once the footprints were dry I took a sharpie and drew in the butterfly body.

photo 5

Here is what it looked like with both butterflies complete.

photo 6


We had extra paint and my daughter loves to paint so we let her paint the tray that goes under the flower pots to add a special touch to them.

photo 8

My husband wrote on the top of the pots “Happy Mother’s Day 2014” and the kid’s names and ages. Yes, my husband has better handwriting than I do.

The washable paint was great for getting the paint off of the little feet but we didn’t want the paint to come off of the flowerpots so we sprayed the flower pots with a clear sealer to protect the footprints.

photo 7

When everything was drying we went to the store and picked out flowers to put in the pots. My daughter just loved this part! She had a great time getting all the colorful flowers! After the pots were dry we planted the flowers and our mother’s gifts were complete!

photo 9

This project was a lot of fun for all of us and was pretty easy! This was a great way to give a personalized gift that the moms and grandmas loved! I would call this a Pinterest success!

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