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A Few of My Favorite Things (about my Dad).

on June 13, 2014

We decided to join forces for this one.  This will be the first in a series about some of our favorite things.  We thought this one would be appropriate for Father’s Day!  We hope you have great memories of your dad and have things that you love about him.

by Kendel

His Sense of Humor

One of my favorite memories about my dad is how much he made me laugh.  He’s funny.  He has a dry, smart sense of humor.  I married a really funny man and my dad made me appreciate that about him.  He also loved to hide and scare the living daylights out of me and I loved every second of it.

His Patriotism

My dad raised me to be proud of my country.  To vote (you can’t complain unless you do).  He was in the military.  He is a Vietnam vet.  He doesn’t talk about it much, but I’m proud that he served his country in the Army.

His Love of Baseball

I got that from him.  I love going to the game.  I love the whole experience.  Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Hot Dogs and the 7th inning stretch.  He took the time to really teach me about the game.  I can’t go to a game without thinking about him.  We need to go to a game again soon Dad.

His Compassion

I always felt loved.  ALWAYS.  Even when he wasn’t very happy with what I did.  I never doubted for one minute that he loved me.  He told me often and he proved it always.

His Protection

I always felt safe.  He always did a thorough job of checking out any guy that wanted to date me.  At the time it was a little embarrassing, but I still love that he protected me.

I feel blessed indeed that this is the man God saw fit to raise me.  I love you dad!!


by Melissa

His Care and Concern for Others

My dad has a real caring heart for others. I am so glad that this is one of the things that I have learned from him. He never thinks twice about plowing an elderly neighbors driveway in the winter, most of the time he just does it and leaves without even letting them know who did it. He has been a police officer longer than I have been alive and has helped thousands of people in his time with the force. He has received several life saving awards for going above and beyond to save a life.

His Love of the Outdoors

I have so many fond memories from my childhood of camping and fishing with my dad and the rest of the family. We had all kinds of  crazy things happen, everything from a flooded tent to a                               squirrel chewing through our Tupperware and eating our bread! It never slowed us down or stopped us. I am looking forward to taking my kids along with their grandpa for more outdoor adventures!

Taking the Time to Teach me to Drive a Car with a Manual Transmission

I was a month away from graduating from college and really needed a new car. I bought a truck and it had a manual transmission. I had no idea how to drive it and one of my parents drove it home from the car lot for me. My dad then got the fun job of taking me out and teaching me how to drive it. It took more than one trip out for me to get the hang of it but my dad always stayed calm and patient with me the whole time. Knowing how to drive a manual transmission has come in handy several times and I’m glad it is a life skill that I have!

His Stories

My dad tells the best stories! The story could be about one of his police adventures or some crazy cooking idea that he had to try out.  The stories always get a good laugh or touch your heart. I could listen to my dad’s stories over and over again all day! Dad we really should write some of these stories down so that we will always have them. I love that you share so many things that have happen to you with all of us through your stories.

How Great of a Grandpa He is

It is amazing to see how much my dad loves my kids. He never thinks twice about taking my daughter out to the neighbors “park” ( this is a swing set next door to my parents house but my daughter calls it a park) or hold my new little son so that I can eat a hot dinner. I know that he did those things for me when I was growing up but being little myself I don’t think that I viewed them the same way. I love the way his eyes light up when my daughter runs to him yelling “PAPA!” or when my son grasps his finger.


by Ali

His Silliness

My dad has always been so silly!  From the shenanigans of chasing us around the house as the daddy monster to the terrible jokes he told our friends when we were teens (we were so embarrassed!), he’s always been able to show us that it’s okay to be silly!  It’s something my sisters and I have carried into our families with our kids and nieces and nephews. And, as a grandpa, his silliness continues, which the grand-kids find hilarious!

His Concern for Our Spiritual Welfare

My dad took the time to have Bible studies with us.  He took the time to pray with us.  He didn’t mind us listening in on his conversations with other adults about the Bible.  I learned so much.  He gave me a Spiritual background that not many get and that I often take for granted.  And I know that he prays for me, which means so much.

His Hard Work

My dad taught me the value of hard work.  He was always doing things around the house and fixing things himself to save our family money.  And, by watching him, I learned how to do a lot of those things myself!

Sunday Afternoons and Bedtime

Sunday afternoons were the best!  They were usually lazy times in between Sunday morning and Sunday evening church services.  Sometimes we’d watch the dust floating in the sunbeams from the window.  Sometimes, we’d lay outside on the grass and find shapes in the clouds, and sometimes we’d listen as dad told us stories about when he was little.  Bedtime, too, was so much fun with the “Everybody Game”.  Each person got a turn picking a motion that everyone had to do (“Everybody… wave their right hand”; “Everybody… pretend to sleep!”).  I don’t know why, but we so enjoyed that simple game!

His Love of Gardening

My dad, like his dad, has always had a garden.  It was something I was never interested in until I became an adult with my own house.  Now, I too love to plant seeds and watch them grow and eat the fruits (or vegetables) of my labor.

How Much He Loves His Grand-kids

My dad loves my kids as much as I do!  He loves spending time with them and playing games with them.  He lets them help with little tasks, which makes them feel important, and he’s always telling me how smart and strong and amazing my kids are, which every parent loves to hear!

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